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Nixon Warns Kennedys to Keep Out of California Campaign

Feb. 16, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon warned the Kennedys today to keep their hands off the California Gubernatorial election. Mr. Nixon, one of three Republican candidates running against the incumbent Democratic Governor, Edmund G. Brown, said he had heard that “Bobby and Teddy are coming out, and Hubert Humphrey is coming out, and all the rest are coming out. But we don’t care who they send out. We can lick them.” The former Vice President told a crowd of 700 cheering partisans that “I’m going to do it alone. I’m going to do it myself, and nobody is going to help me.” “We Californians have great independence. We don’t like carpetbaggers. We don’t like people coming from Washington telling us what to do,” he said. Mr. Nixon said he had read there would be “an invasion of outsiders” pouring into California in the next nine months seeking to defeat him and re-elect Mr. Brown.


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