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Nixon Draws Big Crowds in California

Oct. 19, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon’s Victory Special train rode slowly through booming southern California today as its star passenger drummed away at proved political selling points. Big crowds in Peco Rivera, Anaheim, Orange, and other mushrooming cities between Los Angeles and San Diego applauded the candidate. Mr. Nixon, using a whistle-stop tour along the Sante Fe Railroad to bring his Republican gubernatorial campaign to a peak, never failed to win cheers with the following lines: “Big-time dope peddlers” deserve the death penalty, and “that’s the kind of program we’re going to have.” “We need an offensive to fight Communism not only in Washington but right here in California.” “In politics, it’s the men who do the talking and the women who do the working.” At each stop, Mr. Nixon’s wife was on the platform with him, and he always told the crowd he had married “above myself.” The latest polls show Mr. Nixon and his opponent, Gov. Edmund G. Brown, running virtually neck and neck.


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