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Nina Khrushchev Pleads for Disarmament in Message to American Women

Feb. 18, 1962 - Mrs. Nina Petrovna Khrushchev (pictured with the First Lady last June in Austria), wife of the Soviet Premier, pleaded for international understanding and complete disarmament today in a short-wave broadcast addressed to the women of America. Speaking in accented but good English, Mrs. Khrushchev said she was responding to “letters and cables” she had received from women in the U.S. She said that the writers had shown great concern about preventing war and that she shared those feelings. “We do not want to fight,” Mrs. Khrushchev said, “but we want to be friends with you.” Her address was broadcast over the North American service of the Moscow radio and was repeated several times. She said the Soviet Union would like to see a return of the “friendly understanding” it had with the U.S. when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President. “Unfortunately,” she said, “the danger is now great. Many women in America realize this.” Her formula for world peace was this: “Let us sink atom bombs, along with other weapons, in the deepest part of the ocean and live without weapons as good neighbors.”


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