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New School Desegregation Crisis Approaching in Alabama

Apr. 25, 1963 - A school desegregation crisis drew nearer today in Alabama despite a conference between Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Governor George C. Wallace. At the end of a talk lasting an hour and 15 minutes, both men emphasized that Governor Wallace had not retreated from his vow to defy any Federal court desegregation orders that might be issued. Mr. Kennedy reiterated his hope that the issue would be resolved peacefully by state and local officials without Federal intervention. However, his remarks and appearance indicated that he had been shaken by the wall of opposition he had encountered. “It’s like a foreign country,” he was quoted as having commented to other Federal officials some five hours after his arrival late yesterday. “There’s no communication. What do you do?” The Attorney General left Montgomery at noon by plane for visits to Columbia, S.C., and Atlanta. He was accompanied by Burke Marshall, chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.


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