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Movies: “The John Glenn Story”

Feb. 20, 1963 - The first anniversary of John Glenn’s flight into space is being celebrated by Warner Brothers with the release of a non-profit movie about the astronaut. Called “The John Glenn Story,” the picture will be made available to the public in Los Angeles and New York for the first time Friday. It will be shown at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood and at the Paramount in New York. Warners will not receive any money from theaters that show the film, nor will theater owners have to pay anyone to obtain it. The color documentary has a one-minute introduction by President Kennedy, who is on the screen during his short talk. “The John Glenn Story” will be shown in schools, churches, and public auditoriums as well as in theaters. Warners will handle the distribution in theaters, but the Navy will distribute the picture elsewhere. The movie covers the astronaut’s period during World War II, the Korean War, his training for the trip into space in the Friendship VII capsule, and the ovations that followed his epic flight.


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