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Mississippi Newspaperman Burned in Effigy

Dec. 9, 1961 - Hodding Carter (pictured), Pulitzer Prize newspaper man, commented today that when he was burned in effigy in Glen Allan, Miss., last night the event marked “real progress.” “In the old days, the Mississippians used to burn people in the flesh,” said the editor and publisher of The Greenville Delta Democrat-Times, “now they just do it in effigy.” He called it “proof that we’re getting mighty civilized in these parts.” His burning in effigy was a protest against remarks by Mr. Carter this week in Providence, R.I. He was asked what should be done if segregationists continued to attack newspaper men in cities like McComb. He replied that if area law enforcement officials could not maintain order, Federal marshals and, if necessary, Federal troops should be used.


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