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Louisiana Likely To Remain in Democratic Column Next Year

Dec. 8, 1963 - Louisiana appeared today to be virtually certain of remaining in the Democratic column in next year’s Presidential election as a result of today’s Democratic primary for Governor. The vote, which went largely to loyal Democrats, was a distinct blow to Senator Barry Goldwater’s chance of carrying the state should he be the Republican nominee for President in 1964. A few weeks ago, the Arizona conservative was considered a strong contender in Louisiana. However, the Goldwater candidate, former Governor Robert F. Kennon, ran fourth in a field of 10 candidates for Governor. DeLesseps S. Morrison (pictured), former Mayor of New Orleans, who once served in the Kennedy Administration, ran first by 140,000 votes. He will face Public Service Commissioner John J. McKeithen in a run-off Jan. 11. The winner will oppose Charlton Lyons, Shreveport oilman, who is the state’s Republican national committeeman, in the general election next April. In Louisiana, the Democratic nomination has traditionally been tantamount to election. Observers do not believe Mr. Lyons can carry the state against either Democratic candidate. Louisiana voters usually follow the Governor’s recommendation in Presidential elections.


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