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Life Stays Mostly Normal in NYC Amidst Cuban Crisis

Oct. 24, 1962 - The Cuban crisis had no perceptible effect on the shopping or entertainment activities of New Yorkers in the last two days, a spot check indicated today. However, people bought more newspapers and listened to and watched more news programs on radio and television. On Monday night, when President Kennedy made his address to the nation, most persons appeared to have been at radios or their T.V. sets. Retail stores, Broadway theatres, motion picture houses, and other places of entertainment experienced declines in patronage. Today, people appeared to be going about their affairs as usual around town. Department stores reported that their sales were normal for the day and that there had been no “panic” buying of articles that might be limited supply in wartime. Brokers who handle tickets for Broadway shows said that matinee business was off only slightly today. They said there was no decrease in requests for tickets to hit plays and musicals.


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