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Katzenbach to Ole Miss Students: Meredith Will Stay

Oct. 8, 1962 - Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach (pictured left in May) told students at the University of Mississippi Law School today “not to hope for a miracle” that would remove James H. Meredith from the campus. “Mr. Meredith is not going to withdraw. He’s going to be right here,” stated Mr. Katzenbach. He urged the students to say, “Knock it off, this is getting boring,” when “loudmouths” spoke of possible violence to the university’s lone Negro student. Mr. Katzenbach also criticized the Mississippi state bar for not expressing itself during the mounting Meredith crisis. “Above all others,” he stated, “they should have been educating the people of the state to the fact that without law and obedience of the courts, there is only anarchy.” Mr. Katzenbach, the second ranking man in the Justice Department, received a standing ovation of nearly a minute from his audience of 200 students when he finished speaking.


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