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John Birch Society Responds to Kennedy's Speech

Nov. 19, 1961 - President Kennedy’s comment on the “discordant voices of extremism” in his speech at the Hollywood Palladium last night produced a sharp reaction today from three members of the John Birch Society. The critics were Representatives John H. Rousselot and Edgar W. Hiestand, both California Republicans, and Paul H. Talbert (pictured right with actor Adolph Menjou), Beverly Hills real estate broker, who is a member of the national council of the Society. “The speech was another example of talk tough and carry a big pillow,” Mr. Rousselot declared. “The only thing we can be assured of is that the organized, powder-puff left wing will herald this speech as a great blow for sound diplomacy and ‘peace in our time.’” Mr. Hiestand said that the President had “played down the immediate and internal threat of the Communists.”


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