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Herbert Hoover 87 Today, Confident in America's Future

Aug. 9, 1961 - Herbert Hoover (center), 31st President of the United States, turned 87 today, and he faces the coming years unafraid, proud of his country, and confident in its strength and future. Interviewed in his apartment in New York's Waldorf Towers, Mr. Hoover said war was not imminent because "the Russians most likely do not want a nuclear war any more than we do." He did not, however, place much credence in Premier Khrushchev's protestations of new programs or policies. He said he found in them no repudiation of the important principle of Communist doctrine first stated by Lenin in 1920: that communism should "use any ruse, dodges, tricks, cunning, unlawful methods and concealing of the truth" in its dealings with other nations.

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