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Governor Barnett Continues to Plot Meredith’s Expulsion

Oct. 12, 1962 - Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett has suggested a plan that could lead to the expulsion of James H. Meredith (pictured left registering for classes) from the University of Mississippi as mentally incompetent. This was revealed today by Thomas Jefferson Tubb of West Point, Miss., who is chairman of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning. Mr. Barnett told Mr. Tubb that he knew of at least one psychiatrist in Jackson, the state capital, who was prepared to testify that Mr. Meredith was insane. Mr. Tubb declared: “I told the Governor I favored any lawful means of removing Meredith from the University, but I said that such a step might place the board in contempt of the Federal court.” Mr. Meredith, meanwhile, had coffee with three faculty members after lunch today in the university cafeteria. The faculty members were not identified at their own request.


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