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George Romney Will Run for Michigan Governor

Feb. 10, 1962 - George Romney announced today that he would seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Michigan. The 54-year-old president of the American Motors Corporation announced at a news conference overflowing with supporters and well-wishers that he finally decided yesterday to become a candidate. As a candidate for Governor, he said, he would have no interest in any other position in the state or nation. However, when he was asked whether he would remove himself as a possible candidate for the Presidency in 1964, he replied: “I didn’t say I wouldn’t be a candidate in 1964.” Mr. Romney described Michigan as a state of great potential that was not being fully realized. He said that the state was in “a sorry and tangled mess.” He blamed “too many partisan politicians of both parties who act like narrow partisans first and Michigan citizens last.” The Republican and Democratic nominees for Governor in Michigan will be selected in a primary next August.


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