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General Taylor Will Seek Facts in South Vietnam

Oct. 14, 1961 - President Kennedy has asked the mission to South Vietnam headed by Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor (left) to make a broad study of Southeast Asian affairs. Gen. Taylor is scheduled to depart tomorrow for Saigon. The President has ordered Gen. Taylor to do the following:

1. Clarify the facts behind a profusion of reports, many conflicting, on the nature and scope of the Communist threat in Southeast Asia. Even the CIA is said to be having trouble analyzing these reports.

2. Discover why the South Vietnamese Army, newly reinforced with U.S. aid, has not been able to carry out a more aggressive battle against the Communist insurgents.

3. Delineate what developments in Southeast Asia can be expected in the next four months.

4. Recommend long-range programs, including possible military action, but stressing broad economic and social measures.


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