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General Eisenhower Returns to Normandy

Aug. 5, 1963 - Former President Eisenhower returned to Normandy today, 19 years and 2 months after D-Day, and he said this time he would like to see a few tourist attractions. General Eisenhower is making an hour-long television film to be televised June 4, 1964, two days before the 20th anniversary of the Allied invasion. General Eisenhower, Mrs. Eisenhower, and their son John, arrived aboard the liner Queen Elizabeth. On his first visit to the port, it had just been captured by American forces. “It was a rather sorry-looking mess then,” General Eisenhower remarked at a dockside news conference. He said his most vivid memory of D-day was the visit to his troops the night they left across the channel. There never was any doubt in his mind that the invasion would be successful, he said, although there were doubts about Omaha Beach on the first day. General Eisenhower will leave early tomorrow for Portsmouth, England, to film his former headquarters. Aboard a destroyer, he will retrace his inspection trip the day after D-day. He plans to return to New York by ship on Saturday.


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