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Four Students Expelled from Ole Miss

Nov. 3, 1962 - The University of Mississippi expelled four students today on charges stemming from demonstrations against James H. Meredith. They were the first students to be expelled by the university since rioting broke out Sept. 30 when the Negro student was enrolled. Several other students have been placed on probation. The assistant to the chancellor, Hugh Clegg, said that the charges were possession of dangerous weapons, possession and use of explosives, drunkenness, fighting, and possession of a large number of forged student identification cards. The university did not identify the students, although it said two of them were residents of Mississippi, one of Louisiana, and one of New Jersey. Mr. Meredith, meanwhile, was spending another weekend away from the university. The Negro student left the campus yesterday, presumably for Memphis, Tenn., where he has spent past weekends with his family.


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