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Former Gov. Knight Withdraws from California Race, Boost for Nixon

Jan. 16, 1962 - Former Gov. Goodwin J. Knight (pictured left in 1958) withdrew today from the California gubernatorial race because of ill health. His action removed a major obstacle to former Vice President Nixon’s bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Mr. Nixon expressed “sympathy and best wishes” for Mr. Knight. Gov. Edmund G. Brown, a Democrat, was elected in 1958 after Mr. Knight had been maneuvered out of a bid for re-election by Republican intra-party jockeying. Mr. Knight, 65, has been bedridden with infectious hepatitis since Nov. 25. Before taking ill, he had vigorously attacked Mr. Nixon’s candidacy. They have been personally at odds for a decade. Mr. Knight accused Mr. Nixon of having tried to maneuver him out of the contest with a promise of a political appointment. Mr. Nixon denied this.


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