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Dr. King Released from Jail

Apr. 20, 1963 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was released from Birmingham City Jail today after posting a $300 cash bond. Dr. King and 30 other persons were arrested 8 days ago when they attempted to lead a march on downtown stores to protest segregation of lunch counters and restrooms. Also released was the Rev. Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy, an associate of Dr. King’s. Dr. King said he had been persuaded to post bail so he could consult over the weekend with members of the Strategy Committee that has been directing the 18-day-old protest campaign. Dr. King and Dr. Abernathy wore eight-day-old beards and seemed to be in good health and spirits. “Just in case you think we joined the Castro brigade,” Dr. Abernathy said, stroking his chin, “they took our shaving equipment from us and only brought it back this morning, when they urged us to shave. I guess they wanted us to look good. We decided to wait until we got home.” Dr. King said he was temporarily in solitary confinement under uncomfortable conditions, but that after his wife had talked by telephone to President Kennedy, conditions had improved. He said some of his jailers were surly and used abusive language, but “on the whole, I would say the jailers were courteous. We were given mattresses and were brought out every evening for exercise and to take a shower.”

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