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Dr. King Charges “Conspiracy” to Maintain Segregation in Georgia

July 22, 1962 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in Albany, Ga., today that Federal District Judge J. Robert Elliott was engaged in a “conspiracy” to maintain segregation. However, Dr. King said that he and other Negro leaders would obey the restraining order handed down Friday by Judge Elliott. The order bans mass demonstrations, picketing, boycotts, and other protest activities in the dispute over segregation in public facilities in Albany. Today, several Negroes held a brief prayer meeting on the steps of the City Hall. Police Chief Laurie Pritchett (right) and 10 of his men stood by but made no move to arrest the Negroes. Despite Judge Elliott’s ban, 160 Negroes and 1 white man marched on City Hall last night in two waves. They were arrested. There was no serious violence, although hundreds of Negroes jeered and hooted at the police.


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