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Dr. King, 264 other Negroes arrested in Albany, Ga.

Dec. 16, 1961 - The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 264 other Negroes, and 1 white youth were arrested today as they marched on City Hall for a prayer demonstration in Albany, Ga. All were jailed. There was no violence, despite the tension aroused by week-long racial controversy and the breakdown of negotiations between white and Negro leaders aimed at restoring this city of 56,000 persons to normal. Today’s demonstration was mainly in protest against the city’s refusal to release hundreds of other Negroes held in earlier arrests. Dr. King and the other demonstrators were charged with parading without a permit, congregating on a sidewalk, and obstructing traffic. Dr. King was taken to a jail in Americus for safekeeping. City officials underscored their recognition of Dr. King’s status as he was taken from Police Chief Laurie Pritchett’s office on his way to prison. A detective carrying a submachinegun walked beside him while other police stood watchfully on guard.


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