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Democrats Score Smashing Midterm Victory

Nov. 7, 1962 - The Democrats have apparently scored a remarkable midterm election success. The outcome of yesterday’s election demonstrated support for President Kennedy’s Cuban policies and warded off a Republican threat to his legislative strength. In California, in the most closely watched election of the year, Gov. Edmund G. Brown defeated Mr. Kennedy’s rival for the Presidency in 1960, Richard M. Nixon — probably ending the latter’s political career. In what amounted to a victory statement, Mr. Kennedy made no mention of the California triumph but said he was “heartened” by the national returns. His party will apparently have perhaps four fewer seats in the House of Representatives in the 88th Congress, but the losses were primarily among Southern Democrats who had been antipathetic to the Administration. Unofficial returns from the 39 Senate races resulted in a Democratic gain from 64 to 68, reducing the Republican minority from 36 seats to 32.


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