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🚨Cuban Crisis Appears Over as JFK and Khrushchev Reach Agreement

Oct. 28, 1962 - President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev reached apparent agreement today on a formula to end the crisis over Cuba and to begin talks on easing tensions in other areas. Premier Khrushchev pledged the Soviet Union to stop work on its missile sites in Cuba, to dismantle the weapons, and to crate them and take them home. All this would be done under verification of U.N. representatives. President Kennedy pledged the lifting of the Cuban arms blockade when the U.N. had taken the “necessary measures” and that the U.S. would not invade Cuba. Essentially, this formula meets the conditions that President Kennedy set for the beginning of talks. If it is carried out, it would achieve the President’s objective in establishing the blockade last week: the removal of the Soviet missile bases in Cuba. The break in the crisis came early this morning after a night of steadily mounting fears that events were running ahead of diplomatic efforts to control them. The break came with the arrival of a letter from Premier Khrushchev in which the Soviet leader made the aforementioned pledge.


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