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Correspondents in Saigon Frustrated

Mar. 23, 1962 - One of the battles being fought in South Vietnam involves the problem of finding out what is going on and reporting it to the American people. Many correspondents in Saigon feel they are losing. One put it this way: “The Vietnamese Government is against us. They figure we are all spies or Communist propagandists. The United States side will not tell us much beyond the broad outlines of policy, and we cannot even be sure of that. After prying for weeks to get a story from unofficial sources, we may end up being blocked by the censors.” Underlying the efforts of correspondents is the belief among some that Vietnam could become the cradle of a more widespread war. The U.S. has sent nearly 5,000 servicemen to the country along with major transfusions of equipment for the Vietnamese forces. Communist China, North Vietnam and the Soviet Union are watching closely from the wings.


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