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Communist Viet Cong on the Move in South Vietnam

Oct. 16, 1961 - According to reports, a Viet Cong unit of battalion strength overwhelmed a South Vietnamese civil guard garrison last Wednesday night near Dato, a strategically placed town in the crucial central region of the country. The Communists hope to establish a Red “liberation government” among the primitive mountain tribesmen there. The Reds are said to have gained the tribes’ confidence by adopting their ways, even to the extent of filing their teeth in the mountain manner. The tribesmen are said to aid the Viet Cong by mining the trails with sharp stakes and occasionally sniping at Government forces with poison arrows shot by crossbows. Some of the tribal weapons are reported to bring tetanus to the victims, while others are treated with slow-acting poison and are said to cause death after days of agony. The Viet Cong is reported to have supplied the tribes with transistor radios tuned to the Hanoi station.


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