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Communist China Verbally Assails President Kennedy and the U.S.

Apr. 27, 1962 - Communist China, condemning U.S. resumption of nuclear testing, warned today that the Chinese people together with the rest of the world “will eventually settle accounts with the United States.” In language as unrestrained as any previously used by Beijing, editorials in two major newspapers charged that Washington was preparing for nuclear war. They also attacked President Kennedy as “more vicious, more cunning, and more adventurist than his predecessor,” President Eisenhower. “If the people of the world further strengthen their unity and wage a resolute struggle against the U.S. policies of aggression and war,” declared the Beijing daily Ta Kung Pao, “Kennedy’s war scheme will undoubtedly be smashed.” The newspaper said that if the U.S. launched a nuclear war, it would be “destroyed.”


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