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Clemson College Admits Harvey Gantt, First Negro

Jan. 16, 1963 - Clemson College of South Carolina was ordered today to admit a Negro student — the first at Clemson or any white school in South Carolina. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit directed the admission of Harvey B. Gantt (center between attorneys Matthew Perry and Constance Baker Motley), an architecture student. The order is effective at the start of the new semester in two weeks. South Carolina is the only state that has made no start on compliance with the Supreme Court’s school segregation decision. Alabama, which now has no Negroes in school with whites, briefly desegregated when Miss Autherine Lucy attended the University of Alabama in 1956. South Carolina leaders have made it clear in recent weeks that they will comply with any final court desegregation order and will not follow Mississippi’s course of violent resistance.


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