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Civil Rights March on Washington Planned for Aug. 28

July 11, 1963 - Negro leaders of a scheduled civil rights march in Washington Aug. 28 conferred with D.C. police officials today on plans for the mass appeal to “the conscience of America.” (Pictured below, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Murray confers with, left to right, Walter Fauntroy, Regional Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Bayard Rustin, Deputy Director of the rally; and Julius Hobson, Southeast Director of the Congress of Racial Equality.) The police said they would welcome orderly demonstrators. The march is expected to bring at least 100,000 persons from 28 cities. At a meeting in New York last week, Negro leaders decided against staging a mass demonstration on the grounds of the Capitol, where Congress meets. Instead, the demonstration will be held at the Lincoln Memorial, near the Potomac River at the opposite end of The Mall from the Capitol. “There will be a brief demonstration at the White House followed by a march to the Lincoln Memorial, where we will have a mass meeting,” one Negro leader said today.


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