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Chinese Officials Assail U.S.

Sept. 26, 1962 - President Kennedy and the Government of the U.S. as a whole were assailed today at a public meeting held in Peking to welcome political representatives of South Vietnam’s Communist guerrillas. Kuo Mo-jo, chairman of the China Peace Committee, declared at the meeting, which was attended by Marshal Chen Yi (left), the Chinese Foreign Minister, that President Kennedy “surpassed Hitler and Tojo in savagery and tyranny.” “U.S. imperialism,” he stated, “is U.S. imperialism. Kennedy is Kennedy. Cholera bacteria is cholera bacteria.” He said that those in South Vietnam who told “of waging an armed struggle against the armed suppression of U.S. imperialists and their lackeys” were “entirely correct. The Chinese and Vietnamese people will unite still more closely in their joint struggle against the common enemy.”


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