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Castro Voices Disapproval of Kennedy Assassination

Nov. 23, 1963 - Premier Fidel Castro, voicing disapproval of President Kennedy’s assassination, told Cuba tonight that the late President had carried the world “to the brink of nuclear war.” In a radio and television address, Castro said that despite Mr. Kennedy’s “hostile policies toward us,” the news of his assassination was “grave and bad.” “People feel repugnance to such a slaying because we should not consider this method a correct form of battle,” he added. “We Cubans must react as conscientious revolutionaries and not confuse systems with the individual. We fight against systems, not the man.” Castro said in his broadcast that Cuba might face “an even worse policy” from the United States as a result of the assassination. Cuba may be confronted with a new invasion backed by the U.S. under President Johnson, he said.



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