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Castro Mobilizes Cuban Military

Oct. 23, 1962 - All of Cuba’s military forces have been mobilized as a result “of the news from the United States,” the Havana radio said today. The broadcast said the order was issued by Premier Fidel Castro, who will address the nation later today. “Our combat units rapidly placed themselves on a fighting basis,” said the broadcast. “Hundreds of thousands of men were mobilized in the course of a few hours,” added the broadcast, which followed by some hours President Kennedy’s announcement of a naval blockade against Cuba. Last evening, Havana appeared slow to react to President Kennedy’s broadcast and his accusations against Cuba and the Soviet Union. More than an hour after the President completed his address, a news commentator reported briefly on it. He said that President Kennedy had issued a declaration that could lead to a world atomic war and promised that the Cuban people would fight to the end.

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