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“Bull” Connor Presides Over 32 Arrests in Birmingham Demonstrations

Apr. 6, 1963 - Thirty-two Negro marchers were arrested today in Birmingham, Ala., as they knelt to pray for Police Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor (pictured in hat), who has vowed to fill the jails with integrationists. Connor stood impassively nearby as the demonstrators prayed for him, then ordered: “Let’s get this thing over with. Call the wagon, sergeant. I’m hungry.” The marchers were halted six blocks from City Hall, where they planned to hold a mass prayer meeting. They were charged with parading without a permit. “We are taking an orderly walk,” protested Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth. “We are not parading.” Mr. Shuttlesworth was among those arrested. The Negroes sang hymns as they were driven off in police vans. There was no violence. The arrests brought to 67 the number of Negroes picked up on charges stemming from racial demonstrations since sit-ins began Wednesday. Thirty-five of these have been convicted on charges of trespass after warning and were sentenced to 6 months in jail and fined $100 each.


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