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British Soldiers Escort 12-year-old German Boy past Communist Police to School

Aug. 26, 1961 - Eight British soldiers in a jeep and a small armored scout car escort 12-year-old Erwin Schabe (pictured right) to school these days past the Communist police. Erwin lives in an enclave on the northwest edge of Berlin that called "Eiskeller" (Ice Cellar), which is surrounded by Communist barbed wire and observation posts. Eiskeller juts into East Germany. A corridor only eight feet wide connects Eiskeller with the British sector of West Berlin. East German policemen stopped Erwin two days ago as he set out for school in West Berlin on his bicycle. They shouted "Zurück!" (Go back!) at Erwin, and he did, missing school. His parents complained, and the British moved swiftly. "Any time Erwin wants to go out, he has a perfect right to go out," said Col. Malcolm Stevenson. "We'll see that he gets to school."


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