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Barnett Battles in the Courts to Keep Ole Miss White

Sept. 19, 1962 - Governor Ross R. Barnett, Mississippi legislators, and the state courts moved today to block the desegregation of the University of Mississippi. Barnett’s forces in the Legislature put through measures designed to thwart the orders of the Federal courts. A state court issued an injunction against implementing the desegregation rulings. Meanwhile, attorneys for the Justice Department and the NAACP were preparing to go before Federal judges tomorrow in an effort to end the defiance. Under directives from the Federal courts, James H. Meredith, a 29-year-old Negro, is scheduled to enroll tomorrow at the university at Oxford, 170 miles north of the state capital of Jackson. The Justice Department has said he will be accompanied by four unarmed deputy U.S. marshals. Mr. Meredith has been staying at the home of a Negro lawyer in Memphis since last week.


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