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Angry Demonstration in Albany, Georgia

July 24, 1962 - The police dispersed a crowd of 2,000 angry Negroes in Albany, Ga., tonight after a Federal court ban against mass demonstrations had been suspended. Bricks, bottles, and rocks were thrown toward more than 100 city policemen and state highway patrolmen as they moved to clear the streets and sidewalks in Harlem, the Negro business section. One trooper was struck by a rock and taken to a hospital. Police Chief Laurie Pritchett (pictured) said the man’s cheek was bruised and two of his teeth were knocked out. The crowd gathered after the police arrested approximately 40 Negroes and 1 white man as they had sought to march on the city hall. The white man is Marvin Rich of New York, community relations director for the Congress of Racial Equality. The demonstrators marched out of a mass meeting at Shiloh Baptist Church following an address by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The minister also spoke to another rally across the street at Mount Zion Baptist Church.


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