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Alabama’s Governor-Elect calls RFK “Sapling Caesar”

Dec. 13, 1962 - Alabama Governor-elect George C. Wallace (pictured) today called Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy a “sapling Caesar” and charged that Mr. Kennedy ordered the FBI to secure tapes of an anti-integration speech the incoming Governor made. Wallace, sometimes called the “fighting little judge,” charged that the Attorney General used the FBI as a “political policeman.” Mr. Wallace said he had learned that an FBI agent named Robert Cooper said he would use a court action if necessary to obtain a speech Mr. Wallace had made to a Citizens Council meeting in Jackson, Miss. An FBI spokesman said “we are investigating this matter at the request of the Attorney General. He asked that we secure the remarks of the Governor-elect. We did and have turned them over to the Department of Justice.” The FBI spokesman declined to comment on Wallace’s charge that the FBI was being used as a political police force.


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