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🚨Adolf Eichmann Sentenced to Death

Dec. 15, 1961 - In Israel today, Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by hanging for his role in the killing of 6,000,000 Jews during World War II and for other war crimes and crimes against humanity. The three judges of the Jerusalem District Court delivered the sentence at 9:20 a.m. (2:20 a.m., Eastern Standard Time). Eichmann, looking very pale, was led to his glass cage at one minute to 9. He remained standing stiffly and arrogantly while Presiding Judge Moshe Landau accused him of the murder of millions of Jews. Judge Landau said that each train of 1,000 deportees that Eichmann shipped to the death camps was “the same as 1,000 premeditated murders.” The judge said that Eichmann’s major responsibility was not less than that of those who shoved the people into the gas chambers with their own hands. The death sentence for ordinary murder was abolished in Israel in 1954, but the capital sentence was retained in the law for punishment of Nazis and Nazi criminals.


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