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Writer Wins $5,000 in Assault Suit Against Marciano

Apr. 23, 1963 - Gene Schoor, writer and restaurateur, was awarded $5,000 in New York State Supreme Court today in an assault suit against Rocky Marciano (pictured), the retired heavyweight boxing champion. Mr. Schoor had charged that the former prizefighter struck him Nov. 18, 1960, during an argument over payment for a magazine article he had ghost-written for Mr. Marciano. He testified that a blow to the head had permanently impaired his hearing. “My ears have been ringing ever since,” Mr. Schoor stated. Mr. Marciano acknowledged on the witness stand today that a “discussion” had taken place in Johnny Johnston’s Restaurant, 2nd Avenue at 45th Street, of which Mr. Schoor is part owner. But he denied hitting Mr. Schoor “or even making a fist.” Justice Saul S. Streit ruled that “a fair preponderance of the evidence shows that the defendant did strike the plaintiff.” There were no witnesses to the altercation. In announcing the award, Justice Streit said: “The stronger the man, the more important the man, the more self-restraint he must exercise.”


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