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Viet Cong Wipe Out Catholic Forces 12 Miles from Saigon

Oct. 3, 1962 - More than half of a force of 50 volunteers recruited by a Roman Catholic priest was wiped out today in an ambush by Communist guerrillas (pictured) about 12 miles from Saigon. In the Catholic group’s first operation, 13 men were killed and 14 wounded. The Viet Cong guerrillas’ casualties were not determined. The ambush, staged by 200 Communists so near to the capital city, was a grim reminder of the Reds’ ability to gather, strike, and run. Government troops carried by American helicopters were scouring the area for guerrillas today but had made no contact by late afternoon. This was the Communists’ third strike close to Saigon in recent days.


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