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Viet Cong May Release American Prisoner

June 13, 1962 - Communist guerrilla leaders are seeking to win a propaganda advantage from the impending release of an American serviceman, Specialist George F. Fryett Jr. (pictured), who was captured last Christmas. Last Saturday, the Viet Cong radio broadcast what it said was the text of the soldier’s plea for the “liberation” of South Vietnam, denouncing the “United States-Diemist regime” and pleading for leniency. Today, the station broadcast a purported letter by the soldier to his family. It was addressed to “dear Dad, dear wife Clara and dear daughter Victoria.” An Army spokesman said records showed that Specialist Fryett had been married but was divorced. Specialist Fryett’s alleged letter said he had been treated “very kindly and have enjoyed in general good health.” “War has not existed between North and South Vietnam,” the document stated. “The only thing I can say is that I am very sorry for having played a role in the forces that are being exploited in South Vietnam. The truth has been concealed from the American public. This situation should not be allowed to continue.” The father of Specialist Fryett said today that his son was “100 percent American” and that he did not believe the soldier made the remarks attributed to him in the Communist broadcast.


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