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Underworld Feud Led to Near-Strangling of Gallo

Sept. 2, 1961 - An underworld feud led to the attempted murder last month of Lawrence Gallo, Brooklyn hoodlum, the police disclosed today. The feud was between leaders of the crime family led by Joe Profaci and the three Gallo brothers, Joseph (left), Lawrence (right), and Albert. For several years, the Gallos have sought, with some success, to share in the proceeds of Profaci rackets in Brooklyn, particularly gambling and vending machines. In March, 1961, the Gallos were marked for death. In response, they kidnapped four of Profaci's top men. Profaci agreed to a truce with the Gallos if the four men were released unharmed, which they were. But the attempted strangling of Lawrence Gallo last month seems to indicate that the truce is off.


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