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U.S. Officials Jostled and Shoved in Italy

July 1, 1963 - Angier Biddle Duke, State Department chief of protocol, was jostled by police today at the Quirinal Palace, the resident of the Italian President, Antonio Segni. Two aides of President Kennedy (pictured with Antonio Segni, left, President of Italy) were also shoved. At the same time, physical obstruction of movements by Americans traveling with the President aroused considerable anger among the U.S. party. Among those jostled and shoved by the police were Presidential assistants McGeorge Bundy and Theodore Sorenson. President Kennedy was reported to have been disturbed by the incident. In addition, a man grabbed President Kennedy around the neck today, kissed him on the cheek, and almost toppled him over a wooden barricade. This incident occurred as Mr. Kennedy walked along the barricade, erected in front of Rome’s city hall, and reached into the crowd to shake hands. The man who grabbed the President was pulled away by Secret Service agents once they saw Mr. Kennedy’s head being pulled over the barricade.


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