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U.S. Army Helicopters Assist South Vietnamese in Heavy Fighting

Apr. 1, 1962 - South Vietnam’s 42nd Regiment was engaged in heavy fighting today after a penetration deep into a Communist guerrilla stronghold in Binhdinh Province. U.S. Army helicopters flew a company of Vietnamese rangers into the area. The Eighth Helicopter Company not only carried reinforcements but also landed assault units that led an attack yesterday in an area that the Viet Cong long considered immune from invasion. It is a region of dense forests and rugged terrain, where waterfalls plunge over high cliffs. In 40 minutes, the American helicopters delivered troops into an area that would have taken 6 days to reach by foot-slogging into the jungles and across the highland region. “It’s an ideal job for us,” said Maj. Charles Hardesty of Fort Bragg, N.C. Twelve helicopters landed about 100 soldiers in the assault.

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