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Two U.S. Army Officers Murdered by Viet Cong

Apr. 10, 1962 - United States Army officers said today that two wounded American sergeants were murdered in cold blood by their Communist captors in Danang, South Vietnam, on Sunday. Two other American sergeants, who were captured unwounded, are still prisoners of the Communists, the officers said. The four sergeants, trained in anti-guerrilla action, were escorting a Vietnamese Civic Action platoon on an 11-day training mission when their bivouac was overrun in a daylight attack by 100 rebels. The two wounded sergeants were carried two miles. Then they were each shot in the face at very close range by a heavy caliber pistol. “They were presumably murdered because they could not keep up,” an American officer said. The Army identified the soldiers killed as Sgt. Wayne E. Marchand, of Plattsmouth, Neb., and Sgt. James Gabriel of Honolulu. The missing men were identified as Sgt. Francis Quinn, of Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Sgt. George E. Groom, of Saint Joseph, Mo.


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