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TV: “The Making of the President 1960”

Dec. 9, 1963 - “The Making of the President 1960,” a filmed report of events covered in Theodore White’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, will be televised from 8:30 to 10 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 29, by ABC. The program follows the chronological order of the book in presenting an account of political campaigning by seven Presidential hopefuls in 1960. The program was completed before President Kennedy’s assassination. David L. Wolper, the producer, and Mr. White then considered whether they should eliminate or change some portions of the program, which deals in part with the rivalry of Mr. Kennedy and President Johnson, then a Senator, for the Democratic nomination. After the decision was made not to change anything and also to televise the program earlier than had originally been planned, Mr. White went before the camera and filmed a 22-second introduction. It will inform viewers the program was completed before Mr. Kennedy’s death. The special introduction also says Mr. Kennedy “loved politics” and that the program “tells of one of his greatest clashes.” Mr. White wrote the script for the documentary and Martin Gabel served as narrator. The program, which will pre-empt “Arrest and Trial,” will be sponsored by the Xerox Corporation.


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