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TV: “After Two Years — A Conversation with the President”

Dec. 13, 1962 - President Kennedy will discuss the first two years of his Administration Monday night in a joint television interview over all the three national networks. The interviewers will be White House correspondents Sander Vanocur of NBC, William H. Lawrence of ABC, and George Herman of CBS. Mr. Kennedy has appeared several times on television in non-news broadcasts, but most of his appearances were near the beginning of his Administration in 1961. The hour-long Monday night telecast, which will be taped on Sunday, is the first of its kind. Former President Eisenhower has appeared twice on interview programs since leaving the White House. Former President Harry S. Truman also has been frequently interviewed on television. But no other President has consented to a television interview while in the White House. The White House announcement of the Monday evening telecast said it would be entitled “After Two Years — A Conversation with the President.”


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