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“Treason” Flyers Picturing President Kennedy Posted in Dallas

Nov. 20, 1963 - Roughly 5,000 copies of a flyer (pictured) showing President Kennedy in mugshot-style photographs and accusing him of “treason” have been posted under windshield wipers and in newspaper racks in Dallas prior to Mr. Kennedy’s visit tomorrow. The flyer accuses the President of a range of offenses, from being “lax” on Communism, to “appointing anti-Christians to Federal office,” to lying to the American people about his personal life. Dallas police chief Jesse Curry has said anybody caught distributing the flyers will be arrested for littering. Chief Curry added at a press conference today: “Nothing must occur that is disrespectful or degrading to the President of the United States. He is entitled to the highest respect, and the law enforcement agencies of this area are going to do everything possible to ensure that no untoward incident takes place. We will take immediate action if any suspicious conduct is observed, and we also urge all good citizens to be alert for such conduct. Citizens themselves may take preventative action if it becomes obvious that someone is planning to commit an act harmful or degrading to the President. I am sure that all but a handful of our citizens will cordially welcome the President of the United States to Dallas.” Chief Curry said 350 Dallas policemen, about a third of the force, will be assigned to the Kennedy guard detail Friday, and this will be supplemented by 40 state police and 15 Dallas deputy sheriffs.


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