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Transcript of President Kennedy's Phone Call to Colonel Glenn

Feb. 20, 1962 - Following is the transcription of a telephone conversation between President Kennedy and Colonel Glenn this afternoon: PRESIDENT — Hello?

GLENN — Hello, sir.

PRESIDENT — Colonel?

GLENN — This is Colonel Glenn.

PRESIDENT — Listen colonel, we are really proud of you, and I must say you did a wonderful job.

GLENN — Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT — We are glad you got down in very good shape. I have just been watching your father and mother on television, and they seemed very happy.

GLENN — It was a wonderful trip — almost unbelievable, thinking back on it right now. But it was really tremendous.

PRESIDENT — Well, I am coming down to Canaveral on Friday, and hope you will come up to Washington on Monday or Tuesday, and we will be looking forward to seeing you there.

GLENN — Fine. I will certainly look forward to it.


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