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Three U.S. Soldiers Injured in Saigon Grenade Attack

May 19, 1962 - Three U.S. soldiers were injured today when a grenade exploded near the entrance to their quarters. Eight South Vietnamese were also wounded. This was the second act of terrorism directed at Americans in three days. Both incidents were attributed to the fact that today was the 72nd birthday of Ho Chi Minh, President of Communist North Vietnam. The Vietnamese police said the grenade was tossed from a bicycle into a group of four soldiers who were standing on the street outside an apartment house converted into a barracks for American non-commissioned officers. Two of the wounded soldiers were described in “good” condition, the third in “satisfactory” condition. Their names were not disclosed. The assailant escaped. The street is one of the busiest arteries in Saigon, and at 7:15 p.m., when the incident occurred, there was a steady stream of traffic in both directions.


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