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Sweeping Victory Predicted for Kennedy-Johnson Ticket in 1964

Jan. 19, 1963 - Democrats led by Vice President Johnson brushed aside domestic differences today to hail party unity behind President Kennedy in his quest for world peace. In a state of solvency they haven’t enjoyed in years, Democratic National Committee members heard predictions of a sweeping victory for the Kennedy-Johnson team in 1964. The central theme at the committee’s one-day session was “everything’s going our way.” This optimism was bolstered by a report that Friday’s gala poured more than $1 million into party coffers. Mr. Johnson told a windup luncheon that because of what he called Mr. Kennedy’s forthright actions in the Cuban crisis, “freedom is stronger everywhere in the world.” “We have pulled the fangs of the Cuban rattlesnake and made it clear there were no limits to our determination to defend our security,” the Vice President told applauding committee members. Speaker John McCormack praised President Kennedy’s New Frontier proposals, and predicted “a great 1964 victory with President Kennedy at the head of the ticket.”


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