Stanley Kubrick To Direct Nuclear War-Themed Film

May 6, 1962 - Director Stanley Kubrick (pictured), who is awaiting the opening next month of his film version of Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel, “Lolita,” is about to begin work on another potentially explosive screen subject. Last week, Mr. Kubrick revealed that he had teamed again with producer James B. Harris and Seven Arts Films to make the oddly titled “Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” The reason he has chosen a satirical approach to the subject of nuclear war is because of “the stupefying reverence” it has been given in the past. “There is almost total preoccupation with a technical solution to the problem of the bomb,” Mr. Kubrick said. “Our theme is that there is no technical solution. The arms race is not likely to produce an everlasting peace and, on the other hand, even a perfectly inspected disarmament program, if not accompanied by a profound moral change in nations and men, would lead to quick rearmament and war. The only solution lies in the minds and hearts of men.” “Dr. Strangelove” will be facing the cameras in September.

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